Block 213 Lot 41 Yuan Street, Phase 8, North Fairview, Quezon City

RRG Freight Contact Number(s):

+632 703-3703, +632 461-6027 (Telefax)

Email: rrgfreight@yahoo.com

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  1. Santiago tirazona says:

    RRG freight service Fuck you!!!! ยก! Until now di PA deliver shipments ko…

  2. Santiago tirazona says:

    Hinding hindi na ako Talaga uulit Mag padala sa TSI.. Ang bulok ng service lalo na ang broker sa Pinas… Ikakalat ko ito sa Hanoi at Bangkok social media pag alis ko sa Wednesday..

  3. Santiago tirazona says:

    Fucking TSI and RRG freight services sumagot naman kayo..

  4. Santiago tirazona says:

    Ang bulok ng serbisyo nyo TSI at RRG freight services.. Nearly two months na wala PA shipments ko.. Promise nyo 35days maximum delivered na.. Yabang nyo….

  5. Santiago tirazona says:

    Where are my boxes!!!!! Fucking shit MS. Rae…

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