538 MRR Road, Manila Mahogany Compound, Mangahan, Pasig City

R & A Fastfrate Contact Numbers:

+632 381-8242, +632 407-0878, +632 645-5017 (Telefax)

Email: admin@rafastfrate.com, operations@rafastfrate.com

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8 Responses to R & A FASTFRATE CORP.

  1. tin says:

    my sister send us a balik byan box from alberta.. upon shipment they said that it would take 5-7weeks to be delivered in our house in batangas.. due to alot of issues reguarding the boxes that been opened and high value signature items that been lost she want us to pick it up inthis forwarder it happens that the box is named under my parents whose 68 and 64 yrsold due to this reason that they cant travel to manila to pick it up the partners in canada advice my sister that we can pick it up with authorization letter and ids of our parents.. but pasig office is just to hard to deal with even we presented all the documents need they dont want to realease the box maybe because longweekend is coming ang theres more time for them to reopen it!!!!

  2. r&a fastfrate corp says:

    good pm po.. dumating po knina ung package sa amin.. nde po npansin ng mother ko na may butas ung ilalim ng karton.. at ask lng po bakit po wlang picturan na ngyari katunayan na natanggap na nmin ung door to door.. at npaka bilis pong nawala ng mga taohan nyo..

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