207 Speaker Perez Street, Barangay Maharlika, Quezon City

I-Cirera Exporess Contact Numbers:

+632 741-1915 (Telefax), +632 731-5303 (Telefax)

Email: cireraexpressph@yahoo.com

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  1. sahlee says:

    When will i received our box that was sent January 2nd week,it’s from Skokie,Chicago to Subic,Olongapo City? Been calling your office in Quezon City,but no one is answering.

  2. john tungpalan says:

    We are calling your office to confirm if the package I send last Jan is already delivered but no one answering the call…

  3. Juliet G. Esteban says:

    My package from Canada was delivered unfortunately I was out of town. I treied several times to call your numbers but nobody is answering I also emailed you but got no reply either. Anyways please deliver anytime anyday except Saturdays from 8 to 5

    Thank you and regards

  4. Good day cirera express when we received our package from rolling meadows illinois chicago to malabon dated june 21 to 27 2014 thank you

  5. anne says:

    when we received our package suppose to be the package will here on april 5.it is from chicago to ermita manila

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