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  1. Good Day!
    We are GIM SEA CARGO LLC. A shipping company in Dubai UAE since 2010.
    I am writing this E-mail because we’re planning to open an export services in the Philippines by Sea Freight.

    We are looking for a strong shipping company based in the Philippines to start a business with.
    A company that can handle our shipment and provides a door-door delivery of goods.
    We have established ourselves as a prominent international freight forwarding company by providing excellent quality
    of services includes consolidation of cargo/LCLgroupage, Air Freight, Sea Freight and Logistics Consulting.

    Our export destination includes Tunisia, Qatar, Algeria and soon in the Philippines. GIM has built up competencies
    around this mode of logistics by signing carrier contracts, firm slot bookings, weekly consolidation services and building
    strong relations with competitive shipping lines.

    We have provide advance tracking technology and managing shipping documents.

    Please kindly send me an email if you are interested so we can start to discuss about our plan for these business.
    Shall await for your reply. Thanks.

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