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  1. Lilibeth Morada says:

    This is Lilibeth N. Morada, the receiver of the 2 super mega package of Lunalyn Morada from Al Ain UAE.

    Yesterday at around 1:30 pm, the box was delivered at our residence in Brgy. Kirayan Sur, Miagao, Iloilo and was received by Mr. Angelito Suede. Later at around 2 pm, the receiver rechecked again and found out that there was a hole at the edge of the box. It wasn’t obvious at first because it was resealed again as if nothing happened so you can’t find it at the first glance but you can clearly see it if you look into it vividly. I’ve attached some of the pictures of the said box.

    It was also later found out instead that the inside the box was fully loaded, it was obviously loosen of approximately 1 ruler. We’ve sent the photo to the sender at that same time and she confirmed that it was really fully loaded. There is/are no gap between the cover and the items inside. We’ve also found out, as we’ve checked the inside of the box through that hole that some tags of the items were torn apart for example, the brief which was of set of 3 but only 1 was retrieved and the tag was torn already.

    However, our concern doesn’t end there. The sender verified that there must be 2 super mega boxes to be delivered but only this one with a hole was received. Where is the other one?

    My sister, Lunalyn Morada which was still in UAE already contacted the KHALID KHOORY CARGO about what happened.

    Now, if you can’t deliver the other super mega box within this week and if you can’t answer as soon as possible our concern, my aunt which is the sender eagerly would file a case against your company as well as that company in UAE!

    We kept on calling your no. As what was writtened on the paper we’ve received but it kept on ringing or sometimes busy!

    You said we have only 48 hours to complain but it seems that you kept on ignoring our call.

    Its your duty as the fowarding company to securely deliver the package without any problem but you’ve failed to do that. My sister earned that for how many years but due to your lacking performance instead of giving the family and the sender happiness you gave a PROBLEM!

    We really need an explanation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


  2. Joachim Valen says:

    Good Morning and Happy New Year. Can you give me an update please when the container 1613 from Germany will arrive here in the Philippines and/or ready for delivery to Pangasinan?
    Thank you

  3. Relani Jade Donaire says:

    sumagot naman po kayo sa tawag, mahalaga po sa amin ung box pinadala namin . please lang po

  4. Rachelle anne fernandez says:

    Tumatawag po kmi pro walang sumasagot,follow up q lng po ung isang box ni sarline nuval from abu dhabi..pls reply

    • Rachelle anne fernandez says:

      Kulang po kc ng isang box ung diniliver niu dto sa pangasinan..tawag aq ng tawag sa tel# niu d nman kau sumasagot..

  5. arminda austria says:

    malapit lng kmi sa opis nyo…kaya aq napag utusan ..long distance na kpg cla tatawag dto…plslng…tnx

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