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Alas Cargo Contact Numbers:

+632 661-0123, +632 661-2527

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  1. carlos corpuz says:

    good am sir/mam need to know the status of my babggage inv# 60181 dated nov 28/2016

  2. Marcial says:

    Yes, someone called my friend’s phone the other day from east bay office and was relayed to me that invoice number 207823 had been attempted to be delivered twice with phone out of range. Not true, I asked my relatives in PI to watch arrival. They even called up the Philippine numbers (plural) and were assured that they will call the recipients who tried tracking the padala to their office in PI. Can you please re-attempt to deliver and the number to call is 916-769-8782 for junior. I’ll check status on this by tomorrow.

  3. Michelle P. Dela cruz says:

    Hi !! Need to know my cargo status.. My Invoice num. 461145. Thanks

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