463 C3 Road, Dagat-Dagatan, Caloocan City

NRU Contact Number(s):

+632 352-2677, +632 775-8819, +632 352-2677 (Fax)


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  1. Maria Luisa V. Estrellado says:

    Hi, even your email is not accepting emails. How to contact you?

  2. Maria luisa v. Estrellado says:

    I badly need a human being to talk with please. Email is not that good and not that convenient for it doest talk. Please i gave out my phone number already kindly call about the status of my air cargo package. I did not report to work today for i am waiting for it as agreed upon that it will be delivered today.
    Answer my calls please or call me please. Thank you.

  3. Maria luisa v. Estrellado says:

    Hi Maria Luisa V. Estrellado here, i am expecting an air cargo package today from italy and i have been calling you 3 days in a row now but you are always unattended and out of coverage area and you are not calling me either.
    I have sent a message alreasy on one of you website i put my phone number hoping u will call me. Again it is 541 43 219. Please call i am waiting fir my package and the sender whobis far aqay is worried about it. It is a hard earned money andd effort to send so please cooperate by calling me so i know rhe status here. Salamat.

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