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  1. Pilarosa Lim Jose says:

    Have ordered some stuff from amazon US. Would like to know how many days it will take to arrive here . Will it be delivered straight at door step? Or I have to go and pick it up. I placed my order last Sept. And had it shipped thru sea frieght. Need updates of my packages. Now I am a bit sceptic to place my orders again. Have ordered several separate packages. Only one had arrived.

  2. sandy chan says:

    I already authorized shipping for my package at My Shopping Box in the US, but when i view the status, it is still asking for authorization to ship.

    These are the details:
    Merch Ref No: 100000095026
    Trans IP:
    Payment Ref No: 001014371887

    Amount paid was USD17.43 thru Master Card.

    Please confirm if shipment is already en route.

    Sandy Chan

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