277 Impex Compound, Alabang Zapote Road, Pamplona 3, Las Piñas City

Brand Expert Contact Number(s):

+632 331-8550, +632 466-6980, +632 872-9453 (Fax)


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  1. Remy Samortin says:

    I just want to follow up under AWB 05258
    It was collected last Aug 29, 2017 by RAI CARGO in Sharjah United Arab Emirates
    and to be delivered in Cuartero Capiz, until now I dont have update

  2. Neña says:

    I just want to follow up the boxes …36272

  3. Elj says:

    ” If you have an urgent concern, communicating with them directly through their contact number(s) or email is advised.”

    Is this a legit advice and contact number? We contact the numbers but no one picks the call?

  4. jørgen madsen says:

    Hi, we are a bit concern with the restricted rules, that we have heard about in the news, that they are talking about it, but not specifies there intention opening up for korruption and speculation, what is a new item, what is a old item??? what happens if they find a little spray paint,?? what is the custom fine in pesos? what is the declaration of custom with the certain item they might find?? generosity is punish again!, we heard that the sender should present pasport upon sending from the respective country?? starting the 1. of august 2017?? regards Jorgen madsen Denmark looking forward to hear from you!!

  5. John Rey Sese says:

    Hi Good day I am John Rey Sese of PHILCOPY CORPORATION Exclusive DIRECT Distributor of Multi- Functional COPIER Colored and Mono , PRINTER, SCANNER Other office Equipment,
    We are operating nationwide.

    We are willing to send Quotation and Company profile, or we can visit your site for Demo of Machines,

    Please CALL me for interest ,Questions,Further discussion and Faster transactions,

    John Rey Sese
    Account Executive

    Thank you

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